Crown REV241KW Revolution Cryo Bowl Gouge Blade, 3/8"

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Product Description

Bowl gouges are the "go to" tool for general turning and shaping of bowls, platters, and other vessels, and this Crown 3/8" high speed steel blade comes with a singularly huge benefit - cryo treating! Years ago tool makers discovered the enormous benefits of cryogenically (super-cold) treated tool cutters, especially plane blades.

Now this technology has been applied to Crown's Cryo Bowl and Spindle Gouge blades to bring a giant leap in turning tool performance. Cryo treating cutting tools alters the crystaline molecular form of key ingredients in the metal. This altered structure helps the metal achieve a vast improvement in wear resistance for longer life and longer edge retention, and a superior feel in use.

Made for specifically Crown's Revolution Turning System handles, but may be used with other similar systems. Gouge blades are sized by the European method (width of the flute). This is classed as a 3/8" gouge with a 1/2" shank. Overall length is approximately 12". England

Product Specs

Sku: 36702