Resp-O-Rator Jr. Dust Respirator

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Product Description

Based on the wildly popular Resp-O-Rator, the pocket-sized Resp-O-Rator Juniorweighs less than 1 oz., yet the super efficient 2-sided HEPA filter strains out 97% of particles down to 0.3 microns. Whether you have a beard, mustache, or are clean-shaven, it's still one of the most cost effective and fool-proof ways to seal out airborne dust, pollen and other super fine particles. Will not fog up or interfere with glasses or safety goggles.

With over 97% efficiency, and over 22 sq. inches of filter area, the Junior model is best in less strenuous and lighter duty applications (we recommend the full-size #53199 Resp-O-Rator for more demanding situations). Great for allergy sufferers exposed to fine dust or pollen while cleaning, crafting, or doing yard work. Includes mouthpiece, filter, and tethered nose clip. USA

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