Mag-Dro Miter Slot Caliper Base

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Product Description

The Mag-Dro Miter Slot Base is a device used to fix calipers easily in a standard 3/4" wide miter gauge slot. It can also be clamped or screwed to a flat surface. It enables fast and precise measuring (to within .001"), using a fixed point. Super for checking blade heel and toe, fence alignment and distance, etc. Greatly increases the capabilities of of your calipers in the shop. Calipers can be quickly connected and disconnected. Fits most six-inch calipers. USA

Product Specs

Sku: 29590

Product Reviews

  • Doesn' Fit a Sawstop

  • This product will not allow a typical 6 inch caliper to work on a Sawstop tablesaw. For the caliper depth contact to reach the sawblade it must measure more than 6.25 inches from the thumbwheel to the contact point. Inexpensive but useless toy.

  • Posted by L Meyer on Dec 12, 2017

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