Buddy Tools TapeBuddy Drywall Tape Machine

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Product Description

One of the difficult tricks to a good drywall taping job is getting the right amount of the mud on the tape. Too much or too little and it just won't stick right. The Tape Buddy eliminates this issue by pre-loading the perfect amount of drywall mud onto the tape - saving you time, money and effort. In fact, only the TapeBuddy applies more compound to the center of the tape where more compound is needed most. There is no need to pre-mud drywall joints or work with heavy, bulky equipment.

Tape Buddy is lightweight and inexpensive, making it the perfect solution for those difficult drywall taping jobs. It will stand up to years of rugged use because there are no moving parts, and it's made of high density poly-ethylene plastic (HDPE). Comes with full instructions and a tips & tricks sheet. Drywall tape not included. USA

Product Specs

Sku: 29068