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Flexcut #MC100 10 Pc  Mallet Chisel Carving Set + Enlarge Image

Flexcut #MC100 10 Pc. Mallet Chisel Carving Set

Item #: 17080
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Pushing by hand is not always the most effective, efficient, or controlled way to make a cut, especially on large projects or in dense hardwoods. Some times it takes extra power or persuasion, and that's where Flexcut's mallet tools come in. This set was specially selected for its versatility, from a 1/8" tool for fine detail work, to a 1-1/4" wide tool designed for hogging off large amounts of waste.

Tools utilize Flexcut's signature razor sharp steel blades and 5-1/4" long tapered octagonal ash handles that can be driven with a mallet or pushed by hand. Overall length for each tool is approximately 10". Brass ferrules. USA

Set Includes: #3 x 1/2" Sweep (MC203); #3 x 1" Sweep (MC403); #5 x 1-3/16" Sweep (MC505); #7 x 11/16" Sweep (MC307); #9 x 1/2" Sweep (MC309); #11 x 1/8" Sweep (MC211); #11 x 1/4" Sweep (MC311); #10 x 3/4" Sweep (MC511); 45 Deg. x 3/16" V-Part (MC245); 60 Deg. x 1/2" V-Part (MC460); and wooden storage case.

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