Whiteside BB300 Bearing w/No-Mar Nylon Sleeve 7/8" OD x 10 Deg. x 3/16" ID

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Product Description

The Whiteside BB300 Bearing with No-Mar Nylon Sleeve is the same high quality industrial bearing that comes as original equipment on certain Whiteside's bearing mounted router bits. This bearing has a non-marring nylon outer sleeve to help prevent marking and burning and is beveled at 10 degrees. Replacement for the bearings on Whiteside's Rounding Over Undermount (#2929 and 2930), Bevel Undermount Bowl (#2944), and Overhang Bowl Trim (#2945) Solid Surface bits.

Bearings sold per each (singles). Whiteside Machine Company - Claremont, North Carolina.

OD = Outer Diameter. ID - Inner Diameter.

7/8" OD X 10 Degrees X 3/16" ID

Product Specs

Sku: RBB300