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KREG POCKET SCREWS - 1-1/4, #7 HI-LO, WASHER-HEAD, 100CT + Enlarge Image


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Kreg brand screws with Hi-Lo washer heads and fine threads. These self-tapping type screws have augur points that help eliminate the need for pre-drilling. Screws are are zinc plated, case hardened, and dri-lubed for strength and easy driving.

Flat heads help the screw to seat flush in the bottom of the hole. Deep #2 square drive recesses increase driving power and provide positive engagement to reduce cam-out. Imported

Choosing the Right Pocket Hole Screw:

1) Select the Right Screw Length - As a general rule use the following screw lengths when joining equal material thicknesses (ex. 3/4 to 3/4" material):
    1/2" Stock - 1" Screw
    5/8" Stock - 1" Screw
    3/4" Stock - 1-1/4" Screw
    7/8" Stock - 1-1/2" Screw
    1" Stock - 1-1/2" Screw
    1-1/8" Stock - 1-1/2" Screw
    1-1/4" Stock - 2" Screw
    1-3/8" Stock - 2" Screw
    1-1/2" Stock - 2-1/2" Screw

2) Select the Correct Thread Type - Fine thread - Preferred in hardwoods. Help eliminate splitting. Coarse thread - Preferred in soft material for better holding power. Hi-Lo Thread - 2 sets of threads (one set higher than the other) for medium hardwoods like poplar.

3) Choose A Head Style - The Maxi-Loc - SML - Washer head (WH) screw. Provides large bearing surface for secure seating securely and constant clamping force. Pan head - SPS (PH) - Smaller head size suited for going below flush when joining 1/2" material.

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