Incra Miter 3000SE Miter Gauge - Metric

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Product Description

This tricked out version of Incra's famous Miter Gauges adds bonus features not found on the originals. The 3000SE Metric has an 27" fence that telescopes to 49" with Lexan scales graduated to 1 millimeter; a protractor head with 364 indexed stops in 5, 1, or 1/2 degree increments over a full 180 degree range; Incra's incredibly versatile Dual Flip Shop Stop; and a 1/10th degree vernier cursor. Need something other than the fixed angle settings? The gauge head offers the ability for continuous adjustment between settings.

Interlocking grooves in the fence and the Flip Stop ensure that the sharp edge of mitered work will not push behind the stop. The Flip Shop Stop is also equipped with INCRA's patented incremental positioning racks for incredible cut-length accuracy and 100% day-to-day repeatability with locking teeth every 1 millimeter. Accuracy is guaranteed! The GlideLock Miter bar gives a slop-free fit in any 3/4" wide x 3/8" deep miter gauge slot. USA

Product Specs

Sku: 1288100