Sunbelt B1JD6014 17-Inch XHT Lawn Mower Blades fit 48-Inch Decks, Set of 6

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Product Description

These Sunbelt B1JD6014 17" XHT Mower Blades are for mower decks with a 48" cut, including Scotts, Sabre, and John Deere L and 100 series. Blade is 17" long by 2-3/8" wide and has a 51/64" Center Hole. Includes 6 blades. USA

Sunbelt's XHT (Xtreme Hardness & Toughness) blades feature a unique patented and independently tested Marbain® heat-treated steel that offers increased hardness as well as resistance to bending and impact damage. This results in a cutting edge that stays sharper, longer making XHT blades approximately 25% - 40% harder than standard lawnmower blades, providing the tightest tolerances when comparing all-makes blades vs. original equipment blades.

Blades are Equivalent to:
GX20250, GX20434, GX20819, GY20568, M96675, M966751, 10634, 330-619, 330619, 50-2141, 502141, 7-044038, 7044038, 91-108, 91108

Product Specs

Sku: B1JD6014M6