Norton 5" P220 Grit ProSand Multi-Air Cyclonic Abrasive Discs, 10 ct

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Product Description

These revolutionary Norton 5" P220 Grit ProSand Multi-Air Cyclonic Abrasive Discs raise the bar in sanding with a precision laser cut, multi-hole design that provides maximum dust extraction for a cleaner work environment, with fewer disc changes, and greater productivity. The multi-hole design also means you can use the discs on any 5 inch hook and loop random orbit sander (including Festool) because you no longer need to worry about aligning the hole pattern.

ProSand is ideal for smoothing and finishing of all surfaces and coatings, including wood, metal, paint, rust and corrosion. P220 Grit is recommended for final surface smoothing, and smoothing between finish coats.

ProSand Multi-Air uses a premium ceramic abrasive that provides a superior cut on all surfaces. It removes material faster and lasts substantially longer than conventional paper. The abrasive is bonded to a fiber-reinforced latex/paper backing that is flexible, strong and tear resistant, and has a No-Fil coating to resist clogging and loading. Pack of 10 discs. Canada

Product Specs

Sku: 45436