Norton 4" x 24" 50 Grit ProSand BlueFire Sanding Belts, 5 ct

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Product Description

These next generation Norton ProSand BlueFire 4" X 24" X 50 Grit portable sander belts feature a self-sharpening abrasive design with an anti-static technology to remove material faster with less dust generated to deliver an attractive surface finish, and a cleaner work environment with less clean up. The aggressive patented premium zirconia alumina abrasive produces one of the finest scratch patterns in the industry, yet it removes material fast, resulting in a beautiful surface finish with less effort. It provides superior cut on all surfaces, lasts substantially longer, and cuts faster than the next leading competitor in side-by-side comparisons. Because of its high productivity level it yields lowest total abrasive cost. Pack of 5 belts. Canada

Product Specs

Sku: 29927