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Soft Sander 5-Inch Multi-Profile Sanding Set + Enlarge Image
Soft Sander 5-Inch Multi-Profile Sanding Set- In Use      

Soft Sanders Multi-Profile Sanding Set, 5"

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Sanding curved or irregular surfaces is always a tricky proposition, but with Soft-Sanders you can match the contour of virtually any piece. Just attach a sheet of PSA backed sandpaper to any of the 6 useful shapes, then smooth away roughness on moldings, rails, edge treatments, carvings, and curved pieces. They will work well on wood, as well as metal, fiberglass, and plaster, so they are excellent for all types of woodworking, auto, marine, and home improvement applications.

Soft Sanders come 3 different densities, yet all are soft enough to be distorted or compressed into places that are hard to sand. This also makes them comfortable to use no matter how you hold them. Soft, rounded edges virtually eliminate gouging. Blocks work with both adhesive and non-adhesive wet/dry sandpaper, and are resistant to most solvents.

Soft-Sander Set: Includes a Conform-A-Curve; Quick-Curve; Quad-Radii; Amoeba; Oval; and Corner-N-Cove; plus 1 sheet each of the 80, 120, and 180 grit Super-Flex sandpaper.

Sandpaper available separately in 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, and 320 grit 4 Packs (see "Sanding Sheets"). Sandpaper made in Sweden. Soft-Sanders made in USA

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