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Beall Tool Beall Wood Buff Kit, 7 Piece + Enlarge Image

Beall Tool Beall Wood Buff Kit, 7 Piece

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From pipe makers to turners, wood buffing has been used by woodworkers for years to polish their projects. Its ease of use, coupled with the sheen it produces, makes it a particularly elegant solution to many finishing dilemmas. The finish that can be achieved using this system is truly impressive.

Wood buffing wheels are similar to the metal buffing versions, but softer and looser, to conform to the contours of the work without blurring the detail. Since the buffing process adds nothing to the surface of the wood except a thin coat of carnauba wax - a non-toxic edible substance - wood buffing is a particularly good choice for toys or pieces which are intended to contain food items.

The Wood Buff may be attached to a 1725 RPM stationary motor, a wood lathe, or a multi-purpose shop tool (ie. Shopsmith). Although it was designed to polish smaller items, it can be adapted to large surfaces such as tabletops by powering it with a variable speed sander/polisher unit of the type used for auto refinishing.

The Kit's Combination 1/2" - 5/8" Adapter attaches to the motor shaft where it is held in place by set screws. The other end is internally threaded to accept the bolts installed in the center of each buffing wheel, enabling you to change wheels quickly during the buffing process.

An optional Mandrel Extension adds 3" of reach for getting into deeper projects. If you would prefer to use your lathe or multi-purpose tool to run the buffs, instead of a motor, a #2 Morse Taper Adapter is also available. USA

Wood Buff Kit: Includes 3 compound specific 8" Buffing Wheels; a Combination 1/2" - 5/8" Buff Adapter Shaft; one bar each of the Carnauba Wax, White Diamond, and Tripoli Compounds; and an Instruction Sheet.

NOTE: The Wood Buff is designed to be used with a 1/3 hp or more, 1725 RPM motor. This should be sufficient for most buffing tasks, but larger items, or a more vigorous buffing style, may call for 1/2 hp. The 3,000 RPM of most grinder motors will be too fast for 8" wheels. When you face the shaft end of the motor, the wheel should rotate counter-clockwise in order for the Wood Buff to work properly.

Beall Wood Buff Kit Video - Part I (See Part II under More Info)

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