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Mohawk M745-4105 Ground Hide Glue 192 GS High Clarity, 10-1/2 ounce + Enlarge Image

Mohawk M745-4105 Ground Hide Glue 192 GS High Clarity, 10.5 ounce

Item #: 1456019
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Mohawk M745-4105 Ground Hide Glue 192 GS High Clarity (formerly Behlen B940-00255) is well known as the traditional cabinetmaker adhesive. It comes as a finely ground powder that is mixed approximately 50/50 with hot water, and kept warm (145 degrees F) during use. Although this glue has a quick grab, it still allows you to reposition the piece for an extended period prior to setting, if necessary. Ground Hide Glue is used extensively in wood veneering and the cabinet making industry, as well as in luthiery. Contains 10.5 ounces of dried glue. USA

California Proposition 65 Notice - WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Superb quality hide glue
By Geo on July 22, 2014
indianapolis, IN United States
This is the real deal; hide glue made from hides (not "animal protein glue, which is made from other stuff!).

It has about 170 to 190 gram strength ( depending on water-ratio), lasts forever, is easy to mix with non-poisonous grain alcohol and finishes beautifully.

You can thin it enough to do gold leaf signs or thicken it enough to make wood-joints that last for five thousand years... no kidding, some woodworking joints from Egypt were made with hide glue, and those artifacts are STILL glued together!

Over forty-five years of woodworking, I have used dozens of brands, made thousands of glue-ups and performed dozens of tests.

This stuff from this maker is always consistently good. It is a good value and I trust it.