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Behlen B940-00255 Ground Hide Glue - 16 oz + Enlarge Image

Behlen B940-00255 Ground Hide Glue - 16 oz.

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Hide glue is the traditional cabinetmaker's adhesive. This finely ground powder from Behlen is mixed approximately 50/50 with hot water, and kept warm (145 degrees) during use. It has a quick initial grab, but still allows an extended working time to re-position work pieces, if necessary. 16 ounce (1 lb.) can. USA

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Superb quality hide glue
By Geo on July 22, 2014
indianapolis, IN United States
This is the real deal; hide glue made from hides (not "animal protein glue, which is made from other stuff!).

It has about 170 to 190 gram strength ( depending on water-ratio), lasts forever, is easy to mix with non-poisonous grain alcohol and finishes beautifully.

You can thin it enough to do gold leaf signs or thicken it enough to make wood-joints that last for five thousand years... no kidding, some woodworking joints from Egypt were made with hide glue, and those artifacts are STILL glued together!

Over forty-five years of woodworking, I have used dozens of brands, made thousands of glue-ups and performed dozens of tests.

This stuff from this maker is always consistently good. It is a good value and I trust it.