Mohawk M860-0005 OZ Cream Polish, Pint

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Product Description

Mohawk M860-0005 OZ® Cream Polish (formerly Behlen B800-12415) is an "all-in-one", concentrated formula furniture cream polish that cleans polishes, and protects - in one easy step. It does more and goes further. Just apply, wipe, and buff to a beautiful sheen. Excellent for all types of smooth surfaces: wood; marble; tile; leather; and painted or chrome surfaces. Furniture, refrigerators, fixtures, and other items can now be shined and protected with just one product.

Non-flammable, non-abrasive, greaseless, quick drying, and contains no silicones. Anti-static formula repels dust for less dusting, and lower VOC's. Contains an Ultraviolet light absorber to protect the color of woods. Lemon scented for a fresh, clean fragrance. Extended evaporation rate means larger pieces can be polished with greater ease. One pint. USA

Product Specs

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