Flexcut JKN91 Carvin' Jack Pocket Carving Knife, Right Hand

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Product Description

We've all seen whittler's knives, but the Flexcut #JKN91 Carvin' Jack Right Hand Pocket Carving Knife is the first "pocket knife" specifically designed for carving on-the-go. It includes six blades: a detail knife; a straight gouge; a hook knife; a v-scorp; a gouge scorp; and a chisel.

Every blade locks securely in both open and closed positions, and is made from Flexcut's famous high-carbon steel. The knife also includes: a SlipStrop, Gold polishing compound, complete sharpening instructions, and a leather sheath. Weighs approximately 3.5 oz. Closed length is 4-1/4". USA

NOTE ON "HANDEDNESS": Carvin' Jacks should be chosen by the way you carve, not necessarily by if you are right or left handed. Choose a right-handed knife if you are right handed and generally carve with the blade towards you. If you tend to carve away from yourself, choose a left-handed knife. Left-handers should choose the opposite.

Product Specs

Sku: 18580

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  • Well built,

  • Excellent quality, self contained, rugged tool. Not just a tool but includes the sharpening system to mantain it. Six tools, one handle.

  • Posted by Mike on Aug 21, 2013