Helko Vario 2000 Replacement Hatchet Handle, 18"

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Product Description

Helko Vario 2000 18" Replacement Hatchet Handle - Made from tough American Hickory this 18" straight handle will work with any of Helko's Vario 2000 & Tomahawk axe and hatchet heads, however, it is most compatible with the 700G Hatchet head. Germany

NOTE: Due to the difference in size, shape, and design between the Vario 2000 and Tomahawk handles, each line has a different Screw Set. If you interchanging a wooden Vario 200 handle with a composite Tomahawk handle you must have a Screw Set particular to that handle type. If using a wooden Vario 2000 handle you must also use an Overstrike Protector (#36066) and Vario 2000 Fixing Cap & Screw Set (#36062).

Product Specs

Sku: 36102