Flexcut #RG100 14 Pc. Power Gouge Set

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Product Description

A set of Flexcut's signature razor sharp steel blades, configured for today's power carving tools, that will have you working less and carving more. As great as Flexcut tools work with the power off, just imagine what they'll do with it on. This 14 piece set is a great value and contains a wide selection of tools for roughing out and detailing.

The RG range of reciprocating gouges are compatible with most reciprocating power tools, and require no adapters for the following machines: Proxxon, Foredom, Wecheer, Ryobi and MasterCarver. USA

Set Includes: #3 x 3/8" Sweep (RG305); #3 x 5/8" Sweep (RG400); #3 x 3/4" Sweep (RG300); #3 x 1" Sweep (RG200); #5 x 5/16" Sweep (RG306); #5 x 9/16" Sweep (RG401); #5 x 5/8" Sweep (RG301); #5 x 7/8" Sweep (RG201); #8 x 3/8" Sweep (RG402); #8 x 1/2” Sweep (RG302); #11 x 1/8” Sweep (RG309); 90 Deg. x 11/16” V-Part (RG203); 70 Deg. x 3/8" V-Part (RG403); 70 Deg. x 1/4" V-Part (RG307); and wooden storage case.

Product Specs

Sku: 17076