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Flexcut #PW12 SlipStrop Carving Tool Sharpening Kit + Enlarge Image

Flexcut #PW12 SlipStrop Carving Tool Sharpening Kit

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The Flexcut SlipStrop has been specially molded to polish an de-burr the hard to reach areas on both the inside and outside bevels of v-carving tools and gouges. The Gold polishing compound has been formulated to apply to the strop like a crayon and quickly polish hardened steels. Together, the strop and compound create an edge not possible using traditional slip stones alone.

Edge tools are comprised of 2 surfaces joined at an apex. This apex is the cutting edge. Both of these surfaces need to be as smooth and polished as possible to have a truly sharp edge. The higher the polish, the sharper the tool will be, and the longer it will stay sharp. USA

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