Sorby 826H Internal Shear Scraper

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Product Description

Shear scraping is an enhanced method of wood turning which relies on the presentation of the scraper at an optimum shear angle of 45 degrees. The slicing action is safer and produces such a superior finish that sanding is often unnecessary, plus the risk of the cutter digging-in is virtually eliminated. The Sorby Internal Shear Scraper (#63109) features a Round Cutter fixed on 3/8" square shank. The shank sits firmly on the tool rest and presents the cutter at 45 degrees to the work piece when used in each direction. Cutter can be re-positioned several times before the need for re-sharpening, which is done by honing on the top face.

The cutters for both the Internal (#63109) and External (#63205) Scrapers are fully interchangeable so, for example, if you already have an internal shear scraper can fit the external cutter and vice versa. 10" Ash handle. Overall length is 18-1/2". England

Product Specs

Sku: 63109