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Council Tool Velvicut Premium Saddle Axe, 16-Inch Handle + Enlarge Image

Council Tool Velvicut Premium Saddle Axe, 16" Handle

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Pack less with more possibilities with the Saddle Axe from Council Tool! The Saddle Axe is a traditional Velvicut® Premium US Made Axe pattern. This specific design is a multifunctional and packable axe pattern that received its name from being traditionally carried in a saddle bag while on horseback. The innovative, yet traditional, American Pattern sports phantom bevels that greatly reduce surface friction and bite deeper than many convex bladed axes. The bevels aid in easy removal of the axe bit after a deep cut into the wood.

As beautiful as this axe is it was designed and manufactured for work. It is drop forged from 5160 steel, known for its superior characteristics and blade retention, and has been heat treated, tempered, and crafted with a distinctive flat grind on each blade for maximum versatility.

This Axe has an extremely sharp 25 degree flat grind on the left blade for cutting, shaving, and carving, and a more robust 32 degree flat grind on the right blade for notching, splitting and heavier jobs. All of which combine to make a very well designed, highly versatile, and extremely useful axe. All Velvicut Saddle Axes come with a fine leather double bit blade cover.

The 16" American Hickory handle has been hydraulically seated into the 2 lb. head and secured in a traditional manner with a wooden wedge and a round steel wedge. Includes fine leather double bit blade covers. Both the axe and covers are made in the USA.

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