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Council Tool Velvicut Hudson Bay Belt Hatchet with Mask,14-Inch Handle + Enlarge Image

Council Tool Velvicut Hudson Bay Belt Hatchet w/Mask, 14" Handle

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The 1.25 lb. Premium Velvicut ®Hudson Bay pattern Belt Hatchet from Council Tool packs a ton of punch in one small package! It has a lightweight head with a generous bit width, making it the perfect companion for chores around the camp fire, like splitting kindling and driving in wooden tent stakes. The swooped toe is also useful in carving and the size is perfect to carry on the belt or rucksack. The Hudson Bay pattern is believed to have originated in the Biscayan area of Northern Spain and was first used in North America as a trading piece along the fur trade routes.

Drop forged from 5160 grade alloy steel for superior toughness and blade retention, the Lifetime Guaranteed axe head is rough ground in a state-of-the-art robotic work cell. Bit is heat treated and quenched approximately 1" inch from the cutting edge, then tempered for maximum edge holding and toughness to a final hardness Rc 52-56. An experienced artisan hand sharpens the cutting edge using increasingly fine abrasives and finishes with leather stropping.

Relative to other patterns, the very short eye length of the Hudson Bay reduces the contact area between the head and handle, which can lead to looseness. Using a new and innovative design, Council pierces the eye with a special punch forming ribs horizontally and vertically inside the eye. This creates more contact area and bite between the head to handle joint, with the ultimate result of a stronger and more durable tool.

The 14 inch (before assembly) grade "A" American hickory handle is produced from a blank selected for grain orientation and density, making it strong. The traditional handle pattern features a prominent grip and a slim body that allows the handle to flex a bit, improving its ergonomics. Forged axe head is hung in a traditional manner using a softwood wedge along with a round steel wedge for added security.

Included with the hatchet is a premium bridle leather mask protects the tool and user, and displays the embossed Council Tool logo. Both the hatchet and the mask are entirely made in the USA.

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