Oneway 2176 The Termite End Grain Hollowing Tool

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Product Description

The Oneway 2176 Termite End Grain Hollowing Tool is a wonderful tool for hollowing and smoothing. It bores effortlessly into end grain, so it is especially good for vase, urn, goblet, and box turnings, finishing spindles and tool handle ends. It easily handles thin turnings. Excels at smoothing either flat or curved surfaces. Tool has a a 7-1/2" long HSS steel shank and 15-1/2" hardwood handle, making it a a deep reaching 23" long overall without the cutting tip.

A larger #3 cutting tip (#32769 - 5/8"), and replacement #1 and #2 cutters are available separately. Canada

Termite Tool Set
: Includes both a #1 (3/8") and #2 (1/2") HSS cutting tip; honing cone; grinding block; a dressing stick; and The Termite tool.

Product Specs

Sku: 10549