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Hold Fast 3-Inch Vacuum Chuck System, 1-Inch x 8 TPI + Enlarge Image

Hold Fast 3" Vacuum Chuck System, 1" x 8 TPI

Item #: 20634
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Vacuum chucking has gained much deserved recognition for several key abilities:
-Securely holding turnings without marring surfaces, fast chucking and removal of pieces (a real boon to production turners)
- Unobstructed access to surfaces for finishing and detail work
- Elimination of the headaches associated with chucking natural edge turnings.

The Hold Fast System offers the additional benefit of being able to run off a very small compressor.

Works on any lathe with a hollow #2 Morse Taper headstock spindle and consists of the 3 main components listed below:

1) Vacuum Generator - Designed specifically for woodworking applications. Uses a pair of unique high efficiency venturi elements to generate the required vacuum. Unit is low maintenance because there are no moving parts.

The generator can be driven by any standard air compressor that provides at least 2.5cfm at 55-65 psi. Comes with a built in pressure regulator. Can be conveniently mounted close to the work area with velcro, double-stick tape, or magnets.

2) Vacuum Adapter - Connects the vacuum source to the vacuum chuck. The adapter's sealed bearing greatly reduces the vacuum required compared to older style chucks with "leaky" unsealed bearings. Can be used with either a Hold Fast chuck or user made fixtures held on a face plate. Vacuum Adapter Includes: Bearing Adapter, precision double sealed bearing, 3/8"; diam. x 18"; long threaded rod, and 6 ft. of 3/8" ID x 1/2" OD urethane vacuum hose.

3) Chuck - Holds both convex and concave pieces. Available in either 3-1/2" or 6" sizes. Made of glass filled nylon. Chuck Includes: Aluminum spindle adapter, two o-ring seals, and No-Lock spindle washers for easy removal of the chuck. Available for 1" x 8 tpi and 1-1/4" x 8 tpi lathes.

Complete System Includes: Vacuum Generator w/Regulator, Vacuum Adapter, and Chuck as listed above.

All components also available separately as replacements or to use to meet your own custom application. USA

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