Oneway 3658 Talon Chuck #2 Tower Jaws, Profiled

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Product Description

These profiled Oneway 3658 Talon Chuck #2 Tower Jaws for the Oneway Talon Chuck are machined to a depth of 1-1/4". Tower Jaws maximize the gripping power and strength necessary for turning large bowls and vases, while minimizing damage to the piece. The increased depth gives more clearance when working on the back of the piece.

With their patented profiled design you no longer have to worry about getting the spigot close to the design diameter as you do with traditional serrated jaws.

The top of the internal profile is dovetailed with no serrations. This part of the jaws is specifically designed for use in non-marking situations like when you want to leave the tenon on the bottom of a bowl as a feature.

This Talon version also fits the original Oneway Scrolling Chuck. Canada

Spigot (external) 1-1/2" to 2-5/8".
Recess (internal) 2" to 3-3/8".

Product Specs

Sku: 92774