Wixey #WR503 Digital Drill Press Depth Gauge

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Product Description

Digital accuracy comes to the drill press! The Wixey WR503 Drill Press Depth Gauge will allow you to accurately set drilling depths to within +/- .004ths of an inch! You can quickly set the readout to read 0.00 where the drill bit first contacts the work piece and then measure the hole depth as the drill is lowered. The gauge features thin, precise, easy to adjust cross-hairs, and the large, easy to read display shows measurements in both inches (decimals or fractions) and millimeters.

Functions include IN /MM read out, On/Off/Zero, ABS/INC , and Auto shut off. The gauge mounts to any drill press by attaching it to either the existing depth stop rod or directly to the collar on the quill, and fits drill presses with quill travel up to 6.5". Includes mounting hardware for both the depth rod and quill mount options. Imported

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Wixey #WR503 Digital Drill Press Depth Gauge - Installed

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