Oneway #3280 Spindle Steady Rest

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Product Description

Spindle turners have been using steady rests to deal with vibration and flexible materials for as long as people have been turning wood. Oneway's Spindle Steady is easy to put on the lathe, and on most lathes can be mounted at any time. Uses a unique "scissor" clamping mechanism which allows you to move and adjust it a lot more quickly and easily than traditional steady's. It uses up virtually no swing, and most importantly dampens most vibration. Will handle spindles ranging from 1/2" to 3" in diameter. Canada

Spindle Steady Set Includes: Tension Arm Assembly; 3 Wheels; 1-1/4" Post; Slotted Base; and Hardware Package.

NOTE: A Clamp Block is required for attaching both the Bowl & Spindle Steadys to your lathe. To determine the size of the Clamp Block needed, measure the gap between the bedways. This gap determines the Clamp Block required. Clamp Block sold separately.

Product Specs

Sku: 32753