Oneway #3201 13-1/4" Easy-Core Knife Set

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Product Description

Professional quality knife set for Oneway's Easy-Core System. Knives are made from quality materials to ensure they hold up to the task at hand. The supports fingers for the 9" & 11-1/2" sets are constructed using 60,000 lb tensile carbon steel, whereas the support fingers for 13-1/4" & 16-1/4" sets are made from 100,000 lb chrome nickel steel. There are four knife sets available for the system. (9", 11-1/2", 13-1/4" & 16-1/4"). The size of the sets determine what size bowl blanks can be cored.

Knife Sets Include: a knife; a knife support, and a cutter. Made in Canada.

Product Specs

Sku: 32739