Oneway 2159 Stronghold Chuck Mega Jumbo Jaws

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Product Description

A set of 2159 Mega Jumbo Jaws for the Oneway Stronghold Chuck. Used for light finishing of the backs of bowls and external chucking on platters and picture frames. The variety of slots and holes allow for holding an almost infinite number of shapes. Jaws can also be used to mount and turn wooden false jaws for precision finishing, extremely large, or critical applications. Jaws are machined from a solid piece of aluminum for higher strength. Mega Jumbo Jaws are for 16" swing or larger lathes. Canada

Mega Jumbo Jaws Specifications:
External chucking capacity is 1-3/4" to 14".
Internal capacity is 4-3/4" to 15".

Product Specs

Sku: 18575

Product Reviews

  • A HUGE success in my shop

  • I was working on a small CandleStand 3 legged table last fall and needed some way to turn the tabletop. I got these Mega Jumbos to do the job and was very pleased with their performance. I had absolutely no problem keeping my workpiece secure as I worked it. I know there are plans and YouTube videos out there to make your own, but I do like the quality of the machining of these and their flexibility. Using the supplied rubber bumpers do hold the workpiece very well, and with the abundance of tapped holes on these jaw wings, you can come up with all sorts of holding patterns/configurations. You can even make up your own hold downs that can be bolted to these jaws. OneWay supplies you with an assortment of screws in 3 lengths just for this purpose. If you have the time to make your own jumbo jaw setup, that's fine. But I think it is well worth the cost to buy these and use the time to turn something unique.

  • Posted by Bob Kolock on Sep 19, 2015