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24 IINCH LUMBER RACK BARS - PR + Enlarge Image


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You don't have to have much lumber around the shop to justify getting our heavy duty Lumber Storage System.

It protects valuable lumber, provides easy access to stock, and frees up precious shop space.

Consisting of 2 main components, the Rack Bars (uprights) and the Shelf Brackets, the system is usually attached to a sturdy wall, but it can also be used make a mobile lumber storage carts.

The 24" and 48" Rack Bars can be joined together to provide up to 6 feet of vertical storage space. The Rack Bars have multiple slots to give you lots of spacing options for the Shelf Brackets. For maximum stength and stability the Rack Bars should not be spaced more than 3 feet apart.

Available in lengths 12" and 18", the Shelf Brackets provide ample support for heavy loads of lumber. The Shelf Brackets can handle up to 300 lbs at the tip, and up to 600 lbs. distributed evenly over the entire bracket.

Mounting instructions are included. All you need are the bolts and anchors. All components are sold separately. Rack Bars and Shelf Brackets are sold as pairs. Made from heavy gauge steel. Imported

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