Spring Tools Cold Chisel - 5/16"

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Product Description

This compact little chisel from Spring Tools is designed to remove metal burrs, rivets, screw & nail heads, peening welds and other metal protrusions. Also great for notching sheet metal and other light materials. Outstanding tool for working in hard to reach areas. USA

About Noxon Spring Tools
With Noxon spring-loaded tools work is a snap - literally! You can punch, mark, chisel, start, or set - No hammer needed! The tremendous energy stored when the lifetime spring is pulled back actually has the potential to deliver more striking force than a hammer.

They're more accurate than a hammer, so no more mis-hits, mashed fingers, or dinged work. Compact size makes them tough to beat in tight spaces. Ringed ends for a sure finger grip. Hardened high speed tools steel tips. USA

Product Specs

Sku: 60154