M-Power R1 Tape Measure, 16 Ft. / 5M

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Product Description

Are you one of the 90% of the population that is right handed, yet you are still awkwardly using left-handed tape measure when marking? Then M-Power R1 Tape Measure is the "right way" around. No more reading measurements upside down. Hold it in your left hand and mark the measurement with your right hand, saving time and improving accuracy on the job.

Other Tool Features:
- Tape measure markings are set Right to Left
- Large easy to read measurements
- Heat treated blade for durability
- Soft rubber spine for shock resistance and an easy grip
- Ergonomic rubber gripped thumb lock
- Special "Quick Touch" blade brake
- Stainless steel blade tip for additional durability
- Blade shock absorber to extend blade tip life
- Both Imperial/Metric scales - 16 Ft. / 5.0 Meters
- Class 2 accuracy rating
- High visibility - high impact case

Blade is 3/4" wide blade. Fractional scale is marked to 1/32" for the first 6" and 1/16" for the remainder. Metric scale is marked in millimeters for the entire length. Imported

Product Specs

Sku: 1190054