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M-POWER Diamond Cross Credit Card Sharpener - 300 / 600 Grit + Enlarge Image

M-POWER Diamond Cross Credit Card Sharpener - 300 / 600 Grit

Item #: 1172015
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The M-Power Diamond Cross Credit Card Diamond Stone is a very handy little general purpose sharpener. The 3" x 2" size makes it perfect for a wide variety of sharpening tasks for everyone from woodworkers and crafters, to fishermen and gardeners - and it's the first Credit Card diamond stone to incorporate a handle.

This double-sided stone has both a Coarse 300 Grit (50 Micron) side for fast stock removal, and a Fine 600 Grit (25 Micron) side for honing a primary edge. The diamond abrasives are embedded on a solid, 1/16" thick, Anti-Rust Stainless Steel Core, and the highly distinctive embossed Diamond Cross pattern recesses provide the perfect balance between the ultra-hardwearing diamonds and the anti-clog properties of the patterned recess.

The included interlocking, magnetic, Nitrile rubber stone holder safely holds the credit card stone steady on a work surface. It also gives much needed elevation, allowing the handles of knives etc. to comfortably clear the work surface when sharpening.

Diamond Cross sharpening stones may be used dry, but use of a lubricant is recommended. Either plain water or specially formulated lapping fluid will work. Every stone is thoroughly factory inspected for flatness and quality and has a 3 Year Guarantee. UK

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